Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shamon, Shamon Forever. (updated 7/1/09)

The King of Pop is dead.

In middle school my cousin Matt and I did a lip sync rendition of Man in the Mirror for Music Class. My friend Josh had a Michael Jackson calendar that we pulled apart and hung the pictures in our rooms (after the calendar year, obviously). One of the few full length LPs I remember at my house as a child was Thriller (you folded it out to see him laying on his side at full length, with a baby tiger). I watched Moonwalker at my friend Nick's house every time I was over there.

He's influenced thousands of artists. He's been named dropped by Ben Folds. He's been mimic'd even to this day (well, maybe not actually today) on shows like SNL and South Park.

Seven of the Nine Tracks on Thriller made it to the top ten Billboard charts.

Yeah, he was a weird dude. But the boy could sing. Here's the video from my favorite song.

I just watched the 3D adventure from Walt Disney World "Captain Eo" on YouTube. Two trivia facts. It was written by George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. It was directed by Frank as well. Yowsers.


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