Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drag Your Friends to This Movie!!!

Drag Me to Hell is exactly what it says. The story of a girl who is cursed by a gypsy (do we still have those?) and in 3 days will be taken to hell.

You know I don't need to say anything else. Sam Raimi started his career with the Evil Dead movies. I know you girls just rolled your heads but the movies are really good. They are one part Three Stooges and one part Exorcist.

Its rated PG-13 which a lot of horror fans have bemoaned. And with good cause. Most of the time you want R rating to see some movie magic gore. If its PG-13 in most cases it's terrible. Not here. There are some jump scares and soundtrack noises but...the good thing is that the heroine can hear them too. Its not like they turn it up to scare the audience, you get to endure the same things she does.

There is no real gore, but some genuine scares. I laughed as much as I jumped in my chair. If you enjoy being scared I suggest you seek this out in theatres or put it on your Netflix queue now.

Did you enjoy it?
Yes Yes Yes

Would you see it in theaters again?

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Would you buy it?
Maybe so that I could loan it out to friends

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