Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pork Chops Softball: A Legacy of batting .500

When you think of Chicago you think of three things: The Willis Tower, Deep Dish Pizza and Pork Chops sports teams. As we begin our 8th year as a franchise there is a lot of history to look back over.

Founded in the early Aughts for recreation flag football by namer Eric "Rudy" Ruthier (or Routhier as they spell it in Vermont). The team was composed of a ragtag group of challengers ready to take on all comers. During this time volleyball was also being played as competitive 4s (not yet adopting the name).

Then came the dream team. The sport: kickball. The place: that field out west on Belmont and California? Winning 3 games in a row to shock the NKL and winning the coveted long sleeve tees. The team stood proud atop the league to be crowned #1.

Since then there have been a series of ebb and flow with varying levels of success. Football, kickball, softball. There is the cancelled dodgeball team (pink Durkins shirts still remain as proof). Countless volleyball teams. The worst being a tie between my ill advised work team or the regular squad playing at Disney Magnet versus professional volleyball players. The best being this most recent intermediate season at the Drucker Center. We've found our court and our level. It just took more than two bowls of pourage (i.e. location) to find our spot.

When we put together a softball team 3 years ago, we thought we'd honor the local tradition of trying to play 16" no glove softball. Sara tells me she still wishes she ran off with "The Todd" instead of marrying Joel. They'd have softball for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. Needless to say, we've been finding our groove with softball.

This year is going to be our year. Once again the Pork Chop team will come out the other side with a new crappy long sleeve tee to symbolize our grand achievement!

1,2,3.... CHOP IT UP!


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