Monday, June 29, 2009

Pete Yorn gets torn by Casey (guest reviewer)

Pete Yorn’s new album, Back and Forth, is yet another tribute to every person who has had a rollercoaster relationship that’s ended in catastrophe. Sound familiar? It should, because it’s the same as his previous two albums.

In the song Country, Pete sings, "It was always me and you... And the days we were living, we were happy." In Long Time Nothing New, Yorn says, "Same old town... Loose sense surround me... Always dragged ya down….." Bitch and moan. Bitch and moan.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still Yorn’s matchless voice, but the lyrics are old. Old lyrics coupled with lackadaisical folky-blues is an equation for ambivalence. Who wants to spend $9.99 on ambivalence?It’s hard to hear the same crooning, haunting voice that made his first album, Musicforthemorningafter, so incredible. Back and Forth is faced with a lack of exciting music and rhythm.

Sadly, Pete is quoted as saying his music is “growing up and maturing.” If this is his grown up sound, then Pete is depressed and spending too much time with Damien Rice. The majority of the songs on Back and Forth leave the listener heavy and/or bored.

Only a few songs stand out as exceptional and worth adding to your collection. Therefore, I’d recommend you download

1. Last Summer
2. Rooftop
3. Don’t Wanna Cry (the “good” depressing song)

Save the rest of your money for The Dead Weather’s album, Horehound, releasing July 14th.

Casey Mo


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