Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I might finally be interested in Fiery Furnaces

Per the wonderful Stereogum it sounds like Jason Lowenstein of seBADoh produced and bass'd their new album. My old roommate was a fanatic for FF a few years ago. Not sure where they rate on his radar anymore (since he moved out and hates me now).

I have been waiting a long time for seBADoh to come out with just one more album. I saw them on their "no drummer" tour a few years ago. Lou wrote about it for Magnet Magazine. Now Barlow is busy with his old band Dinosaur Jr...ever heard of them (thank you Andy Bernard). I can't be mad that the original lineup for DJ is back together except that it makes us wait that much longer for a possible seBADoh record. Oh well.

*yes, bass'd is a real word. Suck it.


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