Friday, June 19, 2009

Fine...I Got One

This morning around 3 I woke up to the thundering storm. I lazily moved to the edge of my bed to see if the rain was coming in. It was not. So I fell asleep at the foot of my bed. Because of recent work related restlessness I was up around 6am to start the day.

I had always planned on upgrading to the 3Gs because 1- I'm using the first Gen iPhone 2- my plan is almost up, which allows me get the discounted new customer rate and 3- bigger, faster, stronger. (Bonus points for not having a recessed headphone jack anymore, yay)

I had not planned on waiting in line for a shopping spree and Children's Palace to get one. As I walked from the train to work as I often do, I noticed four things. The first was that the AT&T store was open in anticipation for the phone going on sale. Second was that there was a sign on the door stating "Line for iphones starts here". The third thing I noticed was no one was in that line. The fourth thing I noticed was the store was busy but not that busy.

So I kept on trekking in to work. As I got closer to the office I saw the Apple Store (two blocks from the AT&T store). The line was around the block. So I casually turned around and went back to the AT&T store. I walked in, the lady greeting people said "How can I help you?" and that was it. 20 minutes later I had the new phone.

I wanted to walk by the line and tell them they could just as easily go two blocks away and get their phone. No need to wait. No need to panic. But I knew that if I did they would most certainly say that they want to get their phone from the Apple Store.

More power to ya!


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