Monday, June 15, 2009

The Room is coming!

Last year my friend Joel made mention of a movie that had been steadily been gaining comic momentum in Cali over the past few years. The billboard was a staple of Los Angeles for many years, even so much as to show up on some establishing shots of LA during a reality show known as The Hills.

My first introduction was of course to watch the trailer. That was all it took for me to be hooked. The legend has it that Tommy Wiseau originally intended it to be a serious drama. Comedians out west got wind of it somehow and kept suggesting it to friends. It has just kept growing in infamy. There is no way the payoff will meet my expectations. Fortunately, its coming to Chicago...twice.

It will be here at the end of the month and again at the end of July. I can't make the weekend in June, but nothing can stop me from seeing it in July. I am still kicking myself for missing The Cartoon Network Adult Swim airing on April Fool's Day at midnight.

But this will be better. A group of people witnessing cinematic greatness together. The DVD is available on for purchase, but the reason I held off was in the hopes that a screening would come to Chicago. This is one of the reasons I live here, so I can be a part of this thing.

I have some links below. If you have time to only read one, obviously you go with the Wikipedia one. Do you remember a time when Wikipedia didn't exist? I call those the Dark Ages.
See you all at the Music Box in JULY!



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