Monday, October 5, 2009

Moving Out

Yikes. Well moving is done. Super tired. 4 days was needed to get organized. But everything is in place. New Krull Nugget offices are set up with wifi, so I can Nug from bed or the bath. Got some art hung. Had our first Pork Chop guest (I call him Valentine).

Went home for lunch today. Grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, thanks for asking. Yep, things are really looking up for old Liz Lemon. Now begins the planning for the ever ellusive quintuple feature at Rivs East. Oh, it will be done.

Here's my thinking for a lineup: The Informant!, Zombieland, Invention of Lying, Jennifer's Body and Surrogates.



Andy Miller said...

You are a brave and admirable man if you can pull it off. I have only ever accomplished a quad myself. Bring an ass donut.........

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