Monday, September 28, 2009

(Not such a...) Big Fan

From the writer of The Wrestler Robert Siegel comes his directing debut Big Fan. I enjoyed The Wrestler but didn't think it was quite as great as all the hype it got last year. This movie is a lot like that. It's filled with a lot of great ideas for film, but not executed as well as expected.

Patton Oswalt plays the #1 NY Giants fan in the greater Staten Island area. Him and his buddy go to the games. Oh they don't actually get in, they watch it on a TV from the parking lot. Sad face. His life basically consists of sitting in a parking lot booth, listening to sports talk radio, living with his mother and masterbating. Oh and everything Giants. Seriously, NFL bed sheets, sport figure posters. His favorite player is defensman Quantrell Bishop.

One night he sees Quantrell out in Staten Island and decides to follow him. I'm not spoiling anything because its all contained in the trailer. This isn't a movie that has twists and turns (well, maybe a little one at the end). It is a character piece. And it is a fine small little film. It's about choices. He's not unhappy in his life. Everyone around him thinks he should want what everyone else in the world wants. Family, kids, money. He just wants his favorite team to win. He is a big fan, indeed.

I don't want to shy people away from seeing this, just go in expecting a quiet film. Its not bad, just not the next great indie darling I was expecting. It's definitely better than most of the junk out there in theaters, especially this time of year.

Did you enjoy it?
Sure. Not super impressed, but if I had to go thumbs up / thumbs down, I'd go up.

Would you see it in theaters again?

Would you rent it?

Would you buy it?

Would you watch it if you saw it was on TV?


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