Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Wants a Mustache Ride to Paris

Let's talk about Luc Besson. He is the mind behind The Fifth Element and The Professional. A great Bruce Willis sci fi movie that introduced the world to Chris Tucker (strike). Since then, he mostly does stories and producing, never really returning behind the lense. 

Last year America got Taken. This year we get From Paris with Love. One is deadly serious about sex trade. The other one is what the French think our CIA operatives are like. John Travolta plays the ugly American named Charlie Wax. He leaves a trail of bodies through Paris. Again, much like Liam did last year in Taken. But where one was hunting for his daughter, Wax is just doing his job. And he loves his job. 

And the facial hair. Travolta shaved his head and it must have trickled down to his lips. And John Rhys Meyers thinks he's a big boy with his pencil thin John Waters style facial hair. 

I would call this one a mildly entertaining shooter that will be gone from my brain as soon as this is posted. But thanks to AICN for the free pass. See you next week for The Wolfman (fingers crossed). 

Did you enjoy it?

Would you see it in theaters again?

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