Saturday, February 27, 2010

Radha Mitchell has The Crazies

Ogden Marsh (Lenox, IA) is pretty small. There are about 1200 people in this small town. Sadly, they're all in big trouble. The town sheriff is a 9-5 guy. There's not enough trouble to have a night shift. There's only one deputy. Even though my hometown is double their size, I can relate.

One day the town drunk interrupts a softball game with a shotgun. It's all downhill from there. Look out, Cedar Rapids, you're next!

The movie is a remake of the George Romero original. I saw the original a few years ago. This is one of the few cases where a remake is welcome and encouraged. And you know what, it's pretty good. In the original you know the government is to blame for people getting "the crazies" but there was really no rhyme or reason. And it effects people differently. In the new one, the source is discovered almost right away. And the effects are similar for everyone.

Our heroes are the sheriff, his wife the doctor, the deputy and the doctor's office assistant. Not only do they have to fight through the crazies, but the Army as well, who are trying to contain this at all costs.

I had low expectations. Remakes. Blerg. But I have no complaints. Good scares. Good gore. Even though the commercials would have you believe these are zombies, they're not. They are people. They think and reason. It makes them much more dangerous.

There was a post screening Q&A with the main leading lady, Radha Mitchell. She does genre movies (Pitch Black, Silent Hill) and stuff like Woody Allen movies (Melinda and Melinda). But I don't think enough people know about her since no great questions were asked. But she seemed very pleasant. Overall a good way to spend a free night at the movies.

Did you enjoy it?

Would you see it in theaters again?

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Yes. Radha did talk about two alternate endings that were shot. I'd be interested in seeing them.

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