Monday, February 8, 2010

Mystery Team

Billy Madison x3. They solve mysteries. That should give you an idea. Internet comedians made this movie.

Okay, enough with sentence fragments. When these three best friends were seven years old they started the Mystery Team detective agency. Finding missing cats, who stole the pies, that sort of thing. Now that they are 18 years old not much has changed. Kissing girls is icky. The genius is still reading the same Guiness Book he read when he was a little kid. The strongest kid in school has not matured and definitely isn't the strongest anymore.  One day a small child gives them a dime to solve her mystery, who killed her parents.

If you can believe in Billy Madison then you can believe in these kids. They don't swear. They are sweet natured. And everyone hates them. All the jokes are derived from the fact that these doe-eyed innocents are wrist deep in poop. Sometimes literally.

The movie doesn't have distribution so the Derrick Comedy troupe has been travelling with the print from town to town. They did a Q&A at the Music Box after the movie. They are genuinely funny on their feet. I will totally check out the next thing they release. Until then, You Tube has their main bread and butter

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