Monday, July 6, 2009

They Say the Heart of Rock & Roll is Still Beating
( Cleveland)

I have loved Huey Lewis since Sports putting us at or around '83. I went crazy for them. Bought all the tapes, played them over and over. And you know what, still do.

There was a time when my family had some friends come in town. I don't remember their names but I remember playing Power of Love until they finally just told me they liked the band (it had to be at least 20 times).

When the Family Center (our version of Pamida or Ben Franklin) got Picture This I begged my dad to let me buy it, even though the store was closed. My uncle Sark said he would let me get it the 2nd Tuesday of next week (being that there is only one Tuesday every week, he meant I would never get to have it).

The biggest disappointment I ever had was the time I was in Mason City at the mall. This was a simpler time. Before the internet. I was at Musicland browsing. With my curious mind (I must be some level of telekinetic) I went to the register to ask if they knew when Huey Lewis might be releasing a new album. It just so happened that Small World was coming out tomorrow. They told me they had the tapes in back but I couldn't buy it. I could not understand why they'd have stock and a willing buyer and not sell it to me. That was way before I knew anything about "release dates". Ugh.

I have seen Huey Lewis and the News twice. Once I got to see them at Hilton Coliseum during the Fore! tour. He wore a Canadian tuxedo and couldn't have been cooler. The second time was a few years ago in Las Vegas for my friend Ryan's bachelor party. This show was a big disappointment for one reason, it is their time post Four Chords and Several Years Ago. That means their show, despite many hit singles to play, is filled with old cover songs. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?!?!?!?!? But it was good to see them still in action. And I love Ryan!

Recently A couple years ago I discovered that my lady loves one Huey Lewis song (that she knows of). It's the cover of Cruisin' that he did with Gweneth Paltrow. XOXO. Just another reason that she's the best.

*This was originally going to be about my favorite bands, but turned into just the main one.


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