Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HUMPDAY (with Director Q&A)

What can I say about the microbudget HUMPDAY. It stars one of the guys from the Blair Witch Project. All the shots are close-up or medium. The director said it was intentional because of her love of faces. All the sound is natural, I would assume (no one asked her). So it has a home movie feel to it.

Lynn Shelton was on hand for the screening. She is credited as the writer for the movie, but admitted that other than scene outlines, it was all improv. She said that her movies are about being actor friendly and let them be involved in developing the characters.

It's not joke a minute, but there are some good hearty laughs in this movie. This is true indie cinema. If you go in knowing that you're not getting a studio picture, then you are free to enjoy yourself.

Did you enjoy it?

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