Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Hurt Locker

Hurt Locker:

A place where you might find yourself after a long night of consuming alcoholic beverages.

A figurative place where someone is said to be or will be, if they are getting or expect to be getting hurt or beaten.

A place where damaging things and evilness is hidden as in where bush and the rr fundiematics and other repgunicans keep their lies and plans to destroy the constitution and free thought.

In this case, I think they're referring to the third definition. The movie is the story of an Iraqi Bomb Defusing Squad. You've already clicked away to Perez Hilton's site instead. You're so bored of war movies. We'll you're a fool. I know everyone seems to be indifferent to this current state of war we are in. I know that the constant threat of terror since 2001 has left you numb. Well, don't worry. While you're getting an acurate (I can only assume) portrail of war, you're also getting a nail biting thriller of an action movie.
We follow 3 military men who work together to diffuse bombs. What kind? All kinds? Car bombs, buried bombs, human bombs (two of them!). So those of you who loved the bomb in a person storyline on Grey's Anatomy move your ass to theaters immediately.
There's the crazy Bomb Tech played by Jeremy Renner (most recently seen on ABC's the Unusuals). We have the levelheaded Sergeant who collides with the bomb tech. And don't forget the Specialist, who thinks about dying all day everyday. These are the three you spend the majority of the movie ride along.
You also get what amount to basically cameos by Guy Pierce, David Morse, Ralph Fiennes and Evangeline Lilly. All lending their talent in support of this film.
Now this movie is definitely under the radar. In a summer where you are expected to have your senses decimated (thank you Trans2), this one will actually do a number on your nerves. You feel for these guys. You count down the days with them. Their pain is your pain. It's quite a feat. The person behind the lense is Katherine Bigelow, who you may remember, taught us what awesome bank robbers surfers could be (as well as getting a decent performance out of Gary Busey before he went off the deep end).
You've already taken your girl to (500) days of Summer. Now is the time to cash in your chips and get your date to see Hurt Locker with you. If you're looking for action, there is plenty to be had here. Unless you're the guy who was sitting behind me who started choking on popcorn the second the movie started and then subsequently fell asleep for the second half of the movie. I assume he just wanted to go someplace with A/C.

Did you enjoy it?

Would you see it in theaters again?

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