Thursday, October 21, 2010

Modern Family Challenge: Part Three, Disc Three

And now we take a turn for the worse with disc three. There are two more episodes that I saw on the original run of the series. I'm talking about Fifteen Percent, where Mitchell convinces Jay that Shorty (guest star Chaz Palmeteri) is gay. Oh the predictament. And the worst offender My Funky Valentine. Remember that one time in your life where everyone you know saw you when your jacket was caught on an escalator and you were naked underneath. Uproarious.

Truth Be Told, where Phil miscommunicates with his high school girlfriend would be damaging as well, if it weren't for Judy Greer, the Arrested Development alum. This episode most reminds me of that long forgotten series. Starry Night is the best of the disc. Jay telling Manny to razz Mitchell because that's what brothers do, was really funny and touching. Coming from a blended family I can relate.

Next disc has Game Changer, which will remind me of early adopter Lish, for sure.

Did you enjoy it?
Yes, but to a lesser degree than what has come before it.



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