Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Falling on Our Swords Tonight

Band of Horses returned to Chicago on Tuesday night. The sloppy southern fried rockers started the show by performing a couple songs on one of the side balconies. It was Ben and the newest back up singer in the rotation also playing guitar. It was pretty great. Then then got down to the main stage. Guitar and monitor trouble persisted. They powered through the best they could.

The most shocking thing about the whole night was when Ben lit up a cigarette and smoked during one of his songs. How weird is it that in today's climate, that is considered an act of rebellion?

As they add more songs to their repertoire they have to cut some others from the setlist. Sadly, I did not get my pick to click, Our Swords. But they did cover Cee Lo's GEORGIA. That was the final song in the encore. Here is the setlist:

Balcony Acoustic:
Evening Kitchen
No One's Gonna Love You

Full Band on Stage:
Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
Marry Song
The Great Salt Lake
NW Apt.
Islands on the Coast
Blue Beard
The General Specific
Part One
Weed Party
Is There A Ghost? (he said it's about his ice maker)
Wicked Gil
Ode to LRC

The First Song

Did you enjoy it?
Would you see them in concert again?
Would you buy their album?


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