Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Modern Family Challenge: Part One / Disc One

First disc completed. Okay, so looking back over the pilot episode. I remember watching it and realizing they wanted to be slightly clever by showcasing three families and not really having them overlap. So the last scene you realize that the "Modern Family" are all one big family. A clever conceit that luckily wasn't overt or too much of the focus. After that we get into the season. When the show originally aired last season I watched about the first three and then stopped. So, this was already worn territory. And in hindsight, they aren't the strongest. I preach "sticking with" shows. The first season is usually the weakest. It does take some time to get in a rhythm. I remember giving up on 30 Rock after about 4 episodes when it first aired but luckily I went back over some reruns and caught the rest of the season.

On this viewing, I will remove my complaint about it being too much about miscommunication. You could see where I would get that from. The cream puff incident on the plane. Oh you meant real cream puffs. The stolen bike. Why not just ask your son? The hot neighbor. Classic Phil? But, to be fair, those are few and far between.

But that being said, there still aren't a ton of laugh out loud moments. I do concur that it is a funny show, but I'm not sure it's always funny "Ha Ha". There's also something I realize about this show and why people love it. It's relatable. Most of my friends are married. Most have kids. They can relate to Phil & Claire. Or the baby situations with Cam & Mitch. In one way or another, they know these people and situations.

That's why I would relate more to Community, which a lot of Modern Family fans hate. If you can't relate to a thirty-something man child with no feelings who hangs out with a guy who relates to the world via the movies and TV shows he grew up watching, then you should count yourself lucky. I am surprised any women like Community. They don't have a surrogate female character.

But this is about Modern Family. I'm still unconvinced that its worth my time or DVR space, I am getting there. One disc down, two to go.

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