Tuesday, January 12, 2010


And now it is January. They dump movies in the cold of winter. I don't understand why. But that means some okay genre films. In this one vampires took over the world. Everyone they turned means one less person to eat. So now about 5% of the world's population is human. And everyone wants a drink. And they're closing in on running out of food.

There are a couple of great ideas in this movie. A world run by vampires where humans are the minority. Cool. If a vampire starves, because they're not alive they can't die. Instead they mutate into winged nasty creatures, sub-dweller. But none of these are really seen to the end. The lab where our main vampire works is trying to come up with a blood substitute. A cure for vampirism is found instead. Fights break out. Lines are drawn. Big bangs and booms happen.

Did you enjoy it?

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