Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woman in Black

You don't get a lot of period piece horror anymore. Now everyone is connected to everyone else and everything at all times. I think that is why movies like this can be even scarier. Besides getting a good scare, it can make you fear isolation.

The central spooky mystery surrounds a house in the middle of a marsh / bog and the spirits that reside there. An elderly lady has passed away and someone needs to put her estate in order. But no one in town dare go there, so a depressed lawyer from London is dispatched to get the papers sorted. He lost his wife in childbirth and now basically ignores the son born from her passing. He loves him, but can't get over his wife's death.

Meanwhile "The Woman in Black" is known for taking the town's children (by convincing them to kill themselves). This is because years ago her child was taken from her. As with anything in life, we search for answers. As Daniel Radcliffe tries to solve the mystery and put the spirit to rest, we are left to wonder if it is all in his fragile mind, or really happening to him.

This is a nice little haunted house movie. I got chills a couple of times from the film. I like the ending but then they tack on a little coda that was meant to make way for possible sequels, as is almost always the case with horror (Plus as I write this, they're getting ready to make a sequel). Plus I looked at that poster quite a few times at the theater before it came out and only now just noticed the hidden face.

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