Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hunger Games

Last year when they started casting my only thought was "who cares" and "another Twilight"? Then when Amazon offered a cheap kindle copy of the book, I decided to get it. Yes, it is a young adult series. But it's definitely refreshing to see this kind of post apocalypse tale become so popular.

In the future there are 12 districts all run by "the Capitol". Every year all the districts are required to supply one girl and one boy to participate in a royal rumble. Last person standing wins. The movie plays fairly close to the book. Similar to the Harry Potter series, cuts are made where needed to be streamlined.

My main issue with the film is how it was shot. Gary Ross (the director) said he wanted to use 'shaky-cam' to give you the feel of poverty stricken District 12. It really just makes me naseous. But he's not coming back for the sequel. Hopefully the new director will be able to frame the action in more epic fashion.

Mrs. Nugget has not read the books and she enjoyed the movie. Mrs. Nugget's dad had read the book and he liked the movie better. So, there are two ringing endorsements.

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