Monday, April 30, 2012


Goon is a nice little indie hockey movie. The overall message is a good one about finding your place in this world. Plus it's got dudes beating the hell out of each other.

Seann William Scott plays Doug. He's a big tough idiot, who works as a bouncer. He gets discovered by a local hockey team after his friend taunts a hockey player in the penalty box until he climbs into the stands. So Doug fights him and kicks the crap out of him. He can't skate, but gets put in the game as the team's "goon". He's just there to fight.

The movie has some nice themes and overall is very pleasant. I couldn't get 'Movie Mark' to attend and verify how accurate the hockey play is, but they got quite a few crowds for the big scenes, which was good. I could see the script getting one more draft and becoming a sharp narrative, but as it stands, it will definitely be a good rental or a nice surprise if you find it on TV one night.

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