Friday, March 30, 2012


Found footage is an interesting genre of film. It lets you get away with lower production values. But it can also become a lazy man tool. It is mostly used in conjunction with the horror genre. But now we have a merger of the superhero and found footage. An origin tale in the first degree.

I would compare this film mostly to Unbreakable. In this case, three high school kids find a weird glowing rock in the forest. After coming in contact with it, they start to develop mental powers (telepathy and flight, etc). Of course you can't have a movie with a protagonist and an antagonist. One uses their powers for good, one uses their powers for evil.

For what it is, the movie is surprisingly good. The special effects are cool and look realistic. But more than that, the kids who are in the movie portray their predicament in a way that's believable. You feel for these guys. Like Magneto and Professor X, who were once friends but are now enemies.

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