Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Adventures of Tin Tin

With so many great people involved in bringing this Belgian Comic to the big screen, you would think it would be a lock. Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Edgar Wright. But the result is somewhat hollow experience. Plus I took my 3D glasses off for a while during the movie and a lot of it technically wasn't in 3D. So, that's a bummer.

I would love to talk to someone who liked the comic and see what they thought. But supposedly most of the fans are European. I'm not Continental enough. My main problem with the story is that Tin Tin really has no business being involved in all the mystery. At any single point during the movie, he could just walk away. He has no real invested interest.

The story starts with Tin Tin buying a model ship at an open market. Just by chance there are two other people who show up really wanting to buy it. Good ole happenstance. Then he keeps getting attacked because our "villain" wants the boat. He discovers a map, goes on a wild cross country adventure, and finds out the treasure was in his heart the whole time. Or something like that. After the first few gunfights, I'd probably bow out.

It is an assault on the senses and more than anything, a letdown. Plus it lives in the uncanny valley.

Did you enjoy it?

Would you see it in theaters again?

Would you buy it?

Would you rent it?

Would you watch it if you saw it was on TV?
Probably not.


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