Monday, June 20, 2011

Fancy New Theme Song

You may or may not have noticed a fancy new widget above the posts. I'm assuming you haven't, hence this post.


Many remember when I had the Kickstarter donation widget on the blog. It was to help a friend, The Bassturd, raise money to get his last album pressed. Well, it's out. And since I helped donate, he wrote a theme song for the blog.

Originally titled Gimp Fry (inside joke, wink) it hearkens back to a time in the 80's when you could hear Harold Faltermeyer compositions on great movies or you could hear Devo on the radio.

It will stay at the top of the site for a while, and then it will make its way to its final home at the bottom of the page.

Please to enjoy.

(Thanks, Dan.)


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