Monday, April 18, 2011

Anyone Who Saw Scream 4

If you have any intention of seeing this movie it would be wise to skip this post. This is mostly because I want to actually talk about the plot.


So you know how Scream movies always start with a kill. Fifteen years ago it was very interesting and baffling (to me, I was so perplexed) to kill someone famous off the bat. Well, now it has been done 3 times by this movie series alone. That's not to mention all the rip off films it spawned in it's wake. So instead we get "Stab 6" intro. Haha, the writers fooled you, you're not watching Scream. Turns out two characters are watching a movie. Oh wait, they do it again. Someone is watching "Stab 7". What is this, Inception? It sounds stupid on paper but I think it was the best part of the movie (especially looking back on the whole thing when it's over).

We get our final two pre-credit kills and we're off and running. Man alive I was hoping that they were going to kill Sidney, Dewey or Gale. All three would have been epic, two would have been great, one would have been okay. Or make one of them the killer. Nope. They will wait for the call to star in 5cream (you know, like SCRE4M). The plot, not much of what is there, is that Sidney wrote a self help book. She's helping people not be a victim. I guess that means she can't play the victim. Too bad the last stop on the book tour is her hometown of Woodsboro. Also, her little niece is the killer. And one of the movie geeks (a Culkin, not sure which one).

The opening is very good. The dialog between the kids is actually pretty good. It was written by Kevin Williamson, and I guess that means I've missed his take on kid's dialog since Dawson's Creek ended. The problem is the main cast. The original three. They're given nothing to do. They have no plot drive. Big time yawns. You either needed to make the movie about Sidney not being able to relate to new kids that were her age 15 years ago, or make it about the kids and how helpless they are without Sidney's help.

Great opening and by great I mean funny. It does not make up for the tacked on super long ending. It was like watching Return of the King. There were some good nods to the first film. Like other slasher films they make fun of, you don't care about people. Too littered with garbage killing machine fodder. Actually well written teen parts (by Kevin Williamson). You think they're all suspects. They all act like suspects.

Did you enjoy it?
Some parts. Not as a whole.

Would you see it in theaters again?

Would you buy it?

Would you rent it?

Would you watch it if you saw it was on TV?
Only if it was the first few minutes of the movie.


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