Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Friday Friday Friday Friday

The Music Box Theatre is having a free midnight movie because they hit 10k fans on Bookface.  Details below:

"You guys are awesome. You really are.

Thank you for becoming fans of the Music Box Theatre on Facebook. Thanks for getting us past the 10,000 mark. Thanks for interacting with us, sharing our films with your friends, being in the know, being with it... all that.

This screening is going to be awesome, or at least, we hope it will be. See, we have 750 seats to give away, and right now, we've only given away 200.

We will start seating at about 11:30pm, but people can start lining up at 10:30pm. Free tickets will only be given to those on the list.... others can be admitted if they pay for the tickets like normal--- $9.25.

So, keep helping us out. Send this email on to your friends, tweet about it, share the info on Facebook, whatever it takes, because it would be awesome to 500+ people in our theatre tomorrow night at midnight watching a film which features martial arts, funk, blaxploitation, disco and recording star (and former Prince protégé) Vanity.

So, here's the info on our blog: (Yeah, our new blog has been doing a slow hidden roll out all week, it's really starting to take off)

Here's the event on Facebook:

See you Friday night, and make sure your friends RSVP!"


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