Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fast & Furious Blackhawks

Two of my recent posts were very timely and are now defunct. I have seen Fast Five and the Blackhawks lost in OT last night.

First off: Fast Five, pretty good. Again, I haven't seen the other ones so I missed some of the call back jokes (the only reason I know they exist is because other people laughed). The two things that are great about Fast Five. It's not in 3D (YAY) and there isn't a lot of CGI. They destroy a lot of cars in this movie. And I can appreciate that. Otherwise, anyone who's been missing the Bad Boys movies, rest assured, they're alive and well with the F&F series. Soooooo ridiculous. But fun.

Secondly: I am, at best, a casual Blackhawks fan. I don't watch the games on TV until the playoffs. I am the fill in when my friends can't find anyone to go with them to the games at the United Center. That being said, I am sad to see them bow out in the first series. It was a great comeback story coming from 0-3 to force a game seven. And even then, to force it to OT in game seven. Better luck next year.


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