Thursday, April 21, 2011


Super is a great movie. And surprisingly personal. James Gunn's last film was 2006's Slither starring Nathan Fillion. It was a box office bomb that was very funny and gory. You people missed out. But since Slither, James Gunn has made a bunch of web movies and gotten divorced from Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office). You can tell his inspiration was from what he went through in his divorce.

Rainn Wilson (also from The Office) plays Frank. He's such a loser. Seriously. Big time. His hot wife just left him (Liv Tyler) and the audience is left to wonder how he got her in the first place. The plot around how these two got together in the first place is actually quite believable. Anyways, one night he is flipping channels when he finds the Holy Avenger (Nathan Fillion). That night he's touched by the hand of God (literally) and begins his quest to stop all crime, big (pedophiles) and small (butting in movie lines).

The movie is funny and witty and the soundtrack kicks ass. But it is also super violent and gory (for your average movie going audience, not me). Its sad to see a movie like this get released only in art house theaters and not playing at the big chains. It's got what so many other movies are missing, a great story.

Rainn Wilson does an amazing job as the shlub pushed too far. Ellen Page is psychotic as the bored comic book clerk. Of course the regular group of Gunn players are here too (Rooker, Gregg Henry and Fillion). I can't stress enough that if you're looking for offbeat humor and violence, this is your ticket.
Did you enjoy it?

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