Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Love

On this holiest of holidays (according to Kirsten Coen) I have compiled a list of things I love. Not comprehensive, its mostly a list of things I thought about when I asked myself what do I love. Results below.

SoupBox's 1/2 Beef Stew 1/2 Chicken and Wild Rice mix
I had this for the hundredth time the other day. Whenever I go to the SoupBox I hope they have both these soups on the menu that day. They encourage and suggest mixing soups. I never feel like a weirdo requesting two soups in one bowl. And let me tell you, even though all their soups are good, these two in tandem are supremely excellent.

macaroni and cheese
No location to find a specific version (although there is a food truck around the city now, can't wait to get some from there), but gun to my head, I would say my grandmother's version. It is made from scratch. That'd be the version of which I am most found. But I do remember having this as a small child. I always hated it when dad made it, because the noodles would stick together (never asked him why he couldn't be bothered to stir the noodles in the water). But seriously, is there anything better than macaroni and cheese? The answer is no.

Taco Time
Another one from my childhood that has grown into an obsession. On our shopping trips to Ames, IA we'd sometimes get to stop at Taco Time for lunch. It's fast food, but there aren't millions of locations. Tables have delicious salsa in a squeeze bottle. They also have a salsa bar containing Sour Cream dressing (i think it is just a creamer ranch, yum). This chain is plentiful on the northwestern states (curse you Oregon and Washington) but there is only one location in the Midwest. And that location is in Ames, IA. When I moved to Chicago there was a "Coming Soon" location in a Dundee Mall, but it never opened. If I were to win the lottery, I would bring a location to Chicago, for sure.

Cherry Coke
Another addiction that started as a child. I loved going to Redder Pharmacy in my hometown. A throwback to olden days, the two pharmacies in my hometown had soda bars. While mom was filling prescriptions, I would get to sit at the counter and have a cherry Coke. Made with Grenadine. So fantastic. From a can or fountain isn't bad, and makes it more widely available, I still prefer ordering one at a bar, because you know they've got Grenadine back there behind the bar. It's the simple things, people.

Pot Roast Sandwich from Yolk
I know, weird, right? From a breakfast place comes a delicious lunch option. Basically, take a slow cooked generous portion of pot roast, put some cheese on it, and then make it a melt (grilled bread like a patty melt). The juice from the pot roast soaks into the bread. Oh man. I'm getting hungry. Excuse me, I have to go over there right now.

Apple iPhone
It may be a little uncool to praise Apple with all those Android phones taking market share, but you know what, who cares. I didn't get a cell phone until 2005, long after everyone else I knew had one. But you know what I had before that? An iPod. And I took it everywhere. You mean I can have hundreds of songs on one device and not have to carry around my discman and a bunch of CDs anymore? Sign me up. Now the first mix of music and cell phones (at least for AT&T / Cingular / Motorola / Apple) was the Motorola ROKR. It did not set the world on fire. But from these lessons we get great strides forward. Instead of a phone that could sync your iTunes, Apple said, let's just make phones instead. No longer do I carry two gadgets in two pockets when I leave the house. They're all combined into one. The key piece is that the phone is the afterthought. Great I can make crummy phone calls. Who calls anyone anymore anyways?

Netflix Instant On-Demand
What started as a small tab buried on the Netflix site has become the prominent way to watch movies from the company. When I was shopping for an HDTV I made sure it could run apps (and the one I bought promised Netflix Instant coming soon. SOLD!) And it is great. Like On-Demand content from a cable box, without the cable box. Any time I am ready to dump cable (get it free from my bldg currently) I will still have access to tons of movies.

The Soon-To-Be Mrs. Nugget
I love many things in this world. But I would not hesitate to give up any of them for the love of my life. She comes first and foremost.

Happy Valentine's Day


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