Friday, February 18, 2011

Program your own Film Festival

The Music Box Theater recently announced this year's Sci-Fi Spectacular. The movie Krull made the list. What I love about the MBT is that they always try to do fun and interesting things. They sold out three showings of The Room last weekend. Tommy Wiseau and Sestero were in attendance. The AMC Theater chain is running an Oscar Nominee Movie Marathon. I love it. Some day, I'm going to try and avoid what I think will be the ten nominees so I can attend. As it stands now, I don't think I could handle all 10 in a single sitting since they'd mostly be repeats for me. But according to Justin Bieber I should "Never Say Never" so maybe I will go.

When I was a Freshman in college, a couple of sophomores in my fraternity had a movie marathon in their dorm after semester finals. I always thought that was a great tradition.

Edgar Wright, the film director (Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead), recently programmed the "Wright Stuff" film festival at the New Beverly in Los Angeles. Basically, he's using his celebrity to show movies he wants people to see.

Which inspired me to come up with my own selection for a fictional film festival. Now since I don't have any clout with anyone anywhere, this list is mostly for you to program at your house (or you're welcome to come over to K.Nug Headquarters).


Kuffs is Christian Slater's vanity movie. A weird mix of action, supposed comedy and a lot of breaking the fourth wall (talking to the audience). His uncle, or someone, runs a private neighborhood security company. When Kuffs takes over, he runs into a lot of obstacles. And the bad guys wear tee shirts with their own picture on it.

(the jerk who posted the trailer on YouTube doesn't allow embeds. So you can click the title to go there.)

Anthony Edwards gets seduced by Linda Fiorentino (who hasn't). It has a lot of East / West Germany spy mystery. Its totally 80's and I remember watching it a million times on HBO. International Intrigue and Paintball, isn't that what all pre-pubescent kids dream about?

Hudson Hawk

Bruce Willis' vanity film. Anyone who claims this movie isn't entertaining (Dirk) isn't paying attention. Every character decision is questionable at best. Every plot point is ridiculous at best. It's amazing that something like this exists. I would rather see Bruce Willis make a sequel to this than to further sully the Die Hard series with another entry. This movie also contains some breaking of the fourth wall. Gotta love it.


Andrew McCarthey, 80's favorite, makes a mannequin during one of his many job montage. Later he finds works at Prince and Company by saving Estelle Getty. James Spader plays a weasel executive. Kim Catrall plays the time traveling mannequin. I guess it should be classified as a Science Fiction movie since it envolves time travel, right? Let's not dwell on that point.

Hot Rod

Did not get the attention it deserved in theaters. I would bring it back for another shot to enjoy it on the big screen. Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and Will Arnett are great in their supporting roles. Written by Pam Brady, who used to write for South Park. The Lonely Island boys gave the script their own personal touch. First time I saw this movie was at a special screening where I got pretty hammered. I rediscovered it later when it started getting tons of replay on cable.



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