Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Defector (possibly)

If the Minnesota Vikings move to Los Angeles, I will become a Bears fan. It is as simple as that.

There have been threats of the team moving for years. None of which have been explicitly made by the owner Ziggy Wilf (can we just take a second to acknowledge the best NFL Owner name in the history of the NFL...). But with the Metrodome lease up, plus you know, the roof collapsed, if the Vikings don't get a new stadium, it might be goodbye Midwest, hello Hollywood.

Here are a couple of good articles related to the situation.
They're moving!
Let's keep them here with scratch off tickets!

I just can't see following a team that will no longer be part of my childhood. In elementary school during recess my friends and I would always play touch football. It would always be Vikings fans vs Bears fans. Are kids going to play LA Vikings vs Chicago Bears? No. (It pains me to think that the alternative would be a child Packers team. THE HORROR!)

Plus I would not want to raise a (fictional) son to follow a team he has no connection to.

"Dad, why do you like the Vikings?
   Well son, they used to play about 2 hours from my hometown. 
No, son, I have never lived in California. Let me explain..."

Walter Payton sweatshirt offered as proof
As only a few people know, I was a Bears fan for a while in elementary. Iowa has no team, so you usually chose one of the neighboring states. Some kid picked the Cowboys. No one liked that guy. But the aforementioned recess game had uneven teams when one kid moved away. So, being the care free kid that I was, I moved to the Vikings team. That eventually led to me cheering for the Vikings for their actual games. And thus a convert was born. I figure I'm just as easy and carefree now as I was when I was 11, so why not.

But let's hope it doesn't come to that.


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