Friday, July 30, 2010

Century Club: The Distance

On Saturday, I will participate in a time honored tradition known as Century Club. The jist is you take one shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. It has a more popular cousin called Power Hour (60 shots in 60 minutes).

In the many years I've done Century Club, I have only completed it without puking a handful of times. The first time I tried to do Century Club was in college. I had just eaten my dinner consisting of McDonald's double cheeseburger. Rookie mistake. I only last 29 shots (sorry, Kevin).

The first time I actually finished was the summer after freshman year of college. We were on the EX main house patio. In those ancient days you just had a clock. And every minute that ticked by someone would just shout "SHOT".

In later years we developed better technology to keep track of shots. We'd make cassette tapes of 1 minute clips of songs. Most cassettes are only 90 minutes, so I don't remember what we did to get the last 10 songs (start the tape over?).

Now, of course, you can crop songs from your iPod to only play for one minute. And you can have a long list for those manimals who can cruise past 100 shots.

It's also important to choose your beer wisely. Some say Busch Light. Others Miller. I'm a Bud man. I don't drink Bud Light as a rule, but I've learned that it's lack of taste can really help you cruise through those rough middle times during Century Club.

So, by midnight tomorrow, I will have consumed roughly 11 beers in under two hours. God help us all. Also, congrats, Mark.


Mark E. said...

Great picture of the shot glasses. I am very much looking forward to it. I just need to not over do it tonight.

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