Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Up with Topher Grace?

Okay, really I'm not trying to steal Gabe from v'gum's thunder. But since it's been really quiet lately, let's see what's going on with K.Nugs.

Work is long and boring. Waiting to get put on a new tech project soon. Until then, lots of clean up.

Movies. Hot Tub Time Machine is finally coming out. Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out.

Music. Broken Bells is on repeat. 

TV. Justified is pretty good. Lost is almost over. 

Live. Aziz is coming to town. So is Coco. So is Ween. So is Pavement. Things are looking up. 

There is a woot off today and tomorrow (and maybe Friday). So I'm keeping my eyes glued.
**updated** Apparently one day woot off with no bag o' crap or woot lights or woot monkey!?!?!?

Ski School is on TV right now. So weird and terrible. 

Netflix. We've got The Box. Is Richard Kelly over? We'll see this weekend.


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