Monday, September 21, 2009

TV Round Up
Square Down

Well, the kids are back at school. All the junk has been sold at garage sales. All the bunnies have left the beach. Sookie helped kill a bride gown wearing, claw hand having, hippy hippy shaking maeand. So, what do we have to live for? I guess fall TV.

We've started getting new episodes last week and will continue for the next month (stupid NBC always making me wait for 30 Rock). Let's just run through the days.

How I Met Your Mother. The only 3 camera laugh track show I can stand. Not great, but will have a couple laughs a week. Plus it has Willow. Double plus since they used Oxford Comma throughout the season premiere.

Heroes. I tried tried tried. I made it through season 1. I got about 2 episodes in for season 2. That was it for me. It's like Smallville, those wheels they just spin and spin and spin.

House. When I'm watching it, I like to imagine that House is played by Tobias Funke. Try it sometime.

Gossip Girl. Barf.

One Tree Hill. Double barf. How is this still on and the OC was cancelled?

Um, FYI, CSI: Miami is having their season premiere show us how David Caruso got his sunglasses. Boom.

Hey, Jay Leno is on every night. How is this different than any other time over the last 17 years? Oh yeah, because he's taking up precious primetime real estate. Barf filled barf.

Now Tuesdays--
V is coming! V is coming! Please don't blow it.
...and Tuesday is over. Seriously, nothing else is on.

Until Lost comes back and we get the chance of Scrubs and Better Off Ted, the middle of the week is a waste land.

A plethora of riches. SNL for now (until we get aformentioned 30 Rock).

The Office, woo.

Community. Hope it works. So far, so funny.

Sunny. I totally ignored this on my top of the Aughts. Don't worry, I will remedy with an addendum.

Dollhouse. Joss got past his recent one season trouble (Firefly). Now do something. You might recall season one of Buffy and Angel being pretty meh. Here's hoping he can rise to the occasion after shaking off season one blues.

Simpsons. Haven't watched it in 2 years now. I hear it's still awesome.

Family Guy. Short attention span filler. Usually only has about 7 minutes of plot anyways.

Bored to Death. New on HBO. Watched the premiere on and it was promising. Ted Danson is a foxy bastard.

Curb comes back. I definitely have watched it less religiously, but I will be back this year.

So what should I watch that's new?

Community. Joel McHale makes it a lock.

Cougar Town. I do love Courtney Cox. But the real draw is that Bill Lawrence created it.

V. Loved the miniseries as a kid. Hopefully they don't ruin it.

Bored to Death. Zach Galifinakis is in it. Boom.

That's. About. It.


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