Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aught 10 is Just Around the Corner:
A List of Albums

The Shins sophmore album took their unique sounds to new heights. Song genres from pop, to rock to country influence throughout. Clocking in at 33 minutes, they don't leave room to dilly dally. They take full advantage of the time they use on the disc.

Modest Mouse gets their first radio hit with Float On. It was played for every Red Blooded NFL watching American that year. They got to play 5 tracks on an episode of the OC. Now, personally, I was not a fan of the Mouse before this album. I had a couple tracks that I liked, but this was the first one that really clicked for me. Its a rare thing when I can listen to an album from start to finish, but this is one of those cases. Each track is so distinctive from the last. Yet they are all unified into a wonderful whole that is GN4PWLBN.
Tracks to catch: "Bury Me With It" "The View" "Float On"

College kids with African influences in their sound. Pop majesty. This album is just a delight. Does it raise the bar? Not really? But they're definitely helping the indie world hold that bar up. I guess as I look at my list, its really made up of bands that can put together solid albums. Anyone is bound to make a song someone likes, but when you can craft an album that has a flow and repeat listenability, we've got something special.
Tracks to catch: "M79" "Oxford Comma" Walcott"

Band of Horses (formerly Horses, formerly Carissa's Weird) have the southern soul rock sound that I usually hate (sorry Wilco). But their mix of rock, pop and country (I guess) is in all the right proportions. They're debut album has a lot of quiet moments (again, usually something that literally puts me to sleep). But the "not your everyday" frontman voice really carries the weight of the songs on his shoulders. Their sophmore effort was no slouch either, but their debut is one I can put on at any point and still be mesmorized.
Tracks to catch: "Wicked Gil" "Our Swords" "Weed Party"

Depending on the year throughout the Aughts, you couldn't throw a stone without hitting a great Radiohead album. It's not as ambitious as OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, but what they learned from those albums they have mastered here. They spent their longest amount of time in between albums to craft this masterpiece. Oh was it ever worth the wait. EMI would have let them do anything they wanted to release, but after putting out "Hail to the Thief" they were free of record contracts forever. Very few bands can offer any price download albums and still make money. Not only do they pave the way musically but also with the future of the record industry. I like all Radiohead albums to some degree but this is my favorite right behind The Bends (no need to start an arguement, we all have their albums listed in different orders). Online I have read that originally they were no longer going to do albums, only EPs and singles. I'm glad they didn't do that in this case. Going forward they can do whatever they want, this album will always exist.
Track to catch: "..." All of them.


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