Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Purple is the new Green

Friends know I'm a Vikings fan. Have been since middle school days on the playground. Yeah, I had a Herschel Walker teeshirt. Well the time has come to really be conflicted.

On the one hand, I have spent most of my recent adult life hating Brett Favre, aka the Gunslinger. On the other hand, when your team has been to 4 Superbowls, all of them before your time, all of the losses, it's hard not to get excited.

Oh, if you have been living under a rock today, Brent Faver is officially a Viking. I spent the summer watching ESPN for their non-news update on Brett everyday. Man, that got old fast. Every day, "He's working out" "Oh no, he's getting surgery, he's done" "He called Brad Childress to say 'what up'". Blerg.

Finally, I had something to tease an officemate about. His beloved Eagles had hired a dog killer. That lasted 3 days. Nerts.

So bring on Cleveland, bring on Detroit. It really looks like Vikings can go 3-0 for the season, even if I was QB1. But week 4 is the Packers. Never before has a game between my friends who love the Pack been more important. A loss that week would mean I would have to Bartman myself to Alaska.

Regardless, you will see me having my "Purple Pride".


pledge driver drivers said...
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pledge driver drivers said...


I'm with you man. I have completely mixed feelings and could care less, but then I think of October 5th and even better November 1st (I think) when the Vikes visit Green Bay. And so the soap opera has ended...or has it only begun?


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