Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Paper Hearts

Remember that stoned girl from the apartment scene in Knocked Up? No? That’s okay, but just know, she’s adorable in her lack of adorableness.

Paper Heart is the mockumentary of her relationship with Michael Cera (whom she did date in real life as well). The story starts with her setting out to do a documentary on what love is for different people. From there it blossoms into a romance caught on tape.

This is going to be a tricky thing because Yi uses a lot of her real life friends in the movie. Martin Starr, Seth Rogen and others get a little screen time to add heft to the proceedings. At that point you really buy this as a “documentary” which I think helps the movie. If this was just a regular love story, it would be called Paper Thin. Instead Yi’s charm and the back drop of making a documentary turn it into a very sweet film.

What little tension there is in the romance subplot is held off to the end of the second act, which is a good thing. There really isn’t a mean bone in this whole movie. It is a sweet little film. The whole thing feels like it was done fast and loose on the fly, even though I’m sure it was not.

I would still say you need to see (500) Days before this, but if you’re looking for a romantic double feature, this would be the sweet to (500)’s sour.

P.S. the dioramas of events are very cool.

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