Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey Summer, Where Ya B'

As I sit watching John Rambo decimate all Burmese war criminals in his path (on Showtime HD, where the red blood really splatters well) at Krull Nugget Headquarters, MGM, I think about all the free movies that have come our way this summer. In a couple week's we'll do the summer round up.

But to be fair, we might as well wait until a contender for summer best comes out (hint: new Tarantino) and what will probably one of the worst (hint: sequel to a remake that had 8 entries before being taken over by a heavy metal front man).

I'm not sure what is in store this fall except for the occasional Video Pizza Party. I've got a project at work that I've been on since March. That rolls out in two weeks. I'm moving in October. The Room is coming back to town. So it might be quiet here at the old 'nug, but rest assured, when there are things to talk about, we'll be here. (OMG Rambo just mutilated a truck of small dudes with a giant machine gun).

We've had TV round up for the decade. Decade of music is coming soon. Movies from the past 10 will wait until it is time to open our presents. And who knows what hilarity will spring up in between.

But until then, here's a video that really sums up summer in Chicago...

Please to enjoy.


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