Friday, May 20, 2011


Bridesmaids. What can I say at this point? Everyone is saying "don't call it a chick flick". And it really isn't. It may have an all woman main cast, but I think of a chick flick as a romantic comedy. It is a negative connotation for dudes. But as a dude, don't be scared of this film. It is super funny.

Written by Kristin Wiig and her old improv partner (the woman on the plane that says they're going to crash). There is something here for everyone. Broad humor, crude humor, a lot of uncomfortable humor (and by that I mean like the British Office). Although I have heard from TV critics and co-workers that the crude humor is the worst part, it was also the part that got the loudest laughs by the patrons at my screening.

Kristin Wiig plays a character down on her luck. She lost her company (a bakery), her boyfriend (now she bangs a male slut played by John Hamm) and now she thinks she's losing her best friend to marriage. From there we basically see her self destruct. I'm interested to see The Hangover II only because I would like to quickly decide what the funniest movie of the summer will be (my bet is on Bridesmaids)...stay tuned.

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Erick said...

Getting a night out next Friday and I think we are going to see this, unless you tell me to see, "Tree of Life" instead

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