Thursday, March 17, 2011


What if you could take a pill that let you access 100% of your brain? That's the question asked in Limitless. I would like to think the results would be some sort of horror where you gained ESP and telepathy. The answer the movie gives is you become a selfish prick who is just out for themselves. Yeah there is a coda where he might be a do-gooder, but meh, who cares by then.

As a way to visually interpret the feeling the drug creates, the screen continually zooms for blocks and blocks and blocks. You know, to signify that he can stay "four steps ahead" of you because he knows outcomes. Or some bullcrap like that. They use this visual move about four too many times. And the start of the movie is also very jarring with the use of silence and metal banging on banging. Without knowing what is going on because it's a blank screen, it is unnerving. I'm sure that's what they were going for, so good job.

There is a lot of drab colors in play on screen when Bradley Cooper's character is "dumb" and it gets vibrant when he's "limitless", which was just okay. I think it would have been more effective if it has been more subtle. There is so much done that is "in your face" that it piles up and wears on you (or it wore on me, at least).

The movie itself is okay. The main character is given three enemies of varying degrees of dangerousness. And it ends with the least dangerous one, so the whole movie kind of deflates at the end. Originally, I thought it was an okay film, but the more I think about it the more I didn't like it. The movie is kind of a mess. It sqwanders a promising plot and is a visual and auditory nightmare.

Did you enjoy it?
Not really.

Would you see it in theaters again?

Would you buy it?

Would you rent it?

Would you watch it if you saw it was on TV?


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