Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex and the City 2
Guest Reviewer

I know from movies I have seen you might guess that I have no standards. When it comes to current movie series, there are only two that I am staying away from. The first is Twilight and the second is Sex and the City. In both cases, there is nothing there for me, although Twilight you would think was close, since its about vampires and werewolves.

So, to keep my sanity, I give you an email from a friend regarding her sneak preview of SatC2. This is coming from a woman who has the whole series on DVD and loves the show. Please to enjoy.

The characters have turned into totally parodies of themselves, but mainly it was just cheesy, weak dialogue with some gorgeous settings (and crazy, over-the-top fugly wardrobes) to distract you from the fact that there wasn't a plot. I still contend that Carrie Bradshaw is the reason half of the women in this country are crazy. They're all looking for their "Mr. Big", but what is Big, really. He's a douche who couldn't commit in the show, told her he'd never marry again (and then married a 20-year-old), cheated on said wife with Carrie while Carrie was engaged, and then in the first movie when he FINALLY decided to marry her...he LEFT HER AT THE ALTAR! And the first movie ends with her marrying him anyway in a city hall ceremony.

In the second movie, Big tells Carrie that he wants a "break" from their marriage two days a week, where they live apart. Come on, if any of my friends dated this loser for more than two seconds, I'd tell her to kick him to the curb for good. In the era of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, women should know better than to idolize Carrie Bradshaw. I know all of this sounds like way too serious a reaction to a movie, but women do try to live the Carrie lifestyle. And it's all style and no substance.


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