Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aught 10 addendums

Although I am sticking with my original postings, sometimes you just get some extra ideas. With that I add on my "No one is perfect" additional additions.

Come On Feel the Illinois (2005)
Well done, Sufjan. Haunting long drawn out melodies. Almost like symphony of sound, going in and out of beats, etc. Who else can craft a ballad about a mass murderer.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 - Present)
How in the world could I forget this show. Found during some repeat airings of season one in preparation of season 2. Best accidental find since I picked up that Incredible Moses Leroy album from the Virgin Records listening station in 2001. Abortion, under age drinking, cancer, gun fever. It's been described as Seinfeld without a conscience. I agree. It may have gone down in quality, but that's only because it started at such a high level.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
The man who brought Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout to life gives us his directorial debut. Robert Downey Jr's cinematic roll of roles started with this recent movie. A pulp novel put on screen the plot twists are secondary to a bunch of outrageous characters doing weird things. Really a big treat for the eyes. Your eyes will thank you later.

Hot Rod (2007)
Of course, Hot Rod. The Lonely Island gang. A script written for Will Ferrell. A script written by Pam Brady (South Park and more, people). Danny McBride. Ian McShane. Will Arnett. Bill Heder. This movie is ridiculous from the opening moped music cue. I saw this with my roommate at a boozy screening and then forgot about it. Thank god for cable airing it 100x a day. Which I watched every single time. It's like Anchorman's mentally challenged brother.


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