Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sitter

This will be known as the last fat Jonah Hill movie (until he gets fat again...). He was just nominated for an Academy Award, not for this movie, for the other one he was in this year, Moneyball. So hopefully that will ease the pain of having to remember he made this movie.

That's not fair. There were a lot of people dumping on this movie when it came out. My excitement petered by all the critic bashing, of which I am usually immune. Then I remember that the makers of this movie also made last year's YOUR HIGHNESS. But it is unfair to compare different movies if they're not sequels, prequels, etc. How was this movie on its own merit. Mildly funny. Sold as a foul-mouthed version of Adventures In Babysitting, that's probably the easiest description.

There are a lots of character outlines / stereotypes. Actors try their hardest to make the material work, with Sam Rockwell trying (and failing) the hardest. Jonah Hill gets asked to babysit last minute so his mom can go on a date. He's watching a kid who might be gay, a young girl already wrapped up in celebrity gossip world (even though she can't explain anything about it), and then there is Rodrigo. He's been adopted but just acts like a sociopath.

If you're looking for a movie like Adventures in Babysitting, I would suggest renting Adventures in Babysitting.

Did you enjoy it?
It wasn't as bad as the critics would have you believe.

Would you see it in theaters again?

Would you buy it?

TV or Streaming?

Would your parents like it?
Probably not.


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