Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Academy Award Nominees

We've got our nominees. I'm actually pretty surprised by a lot of these. And I've already seen people call "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" the worst movie ever nominated for an Academy Award. Even though I tried my best to not see any possible nominated movies, I have already seen Moneyball and Midnight In Paris (boo). But I still plan on attending the AMC BPS. They said they will have the details of the showcase up on their website by Friday. Good luck to everyone. 

(*original post from December 15, 2011)

It is going to be quiet around here for the next month or so. Looking over my screenings, I haven't been to the AMC by my house since October. And the last movie I saw (The Muppets) was at the Roosevelt Icon a month ago. But I will make up the time by going to the Best Picture Showcase in February. I am going to try and avoid all the possible Best Picture Nominees over the holidays and watch all 10 in one marathon viewing.

I am going to see The Adventures of Tin Tin, Sherlock Holmes (in D-Box again) and Mission Impossible 4 (this Saturday at the IMAX with 6 minutes of Dark Knight in front of it, YAY). But other than that it's going to be a quiet Christmas.

See you this winter...


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