Monday, August 1, 2011

Horrible Bosses

Have you ever wanted to kill your boss? Well these guys do. Hilarious, yes? Okay, maybe I'm being too snarky. There are two good things going on in this movie, the bosses and the buddies. The bosses are actors who don't get to play the "fun" role very often. Jennifer Aniston as a sexual predator who is super inappropriate. Kevin Spacey is the slick prick who will say something just to see who the brown nosers are and then turn whatever you just agreed with against you. And finally we come to Colin Ferrell. He gets to play the son of the owner who is only working for his dad to support his cocaine habit. When he takes over, all hell breaks loose.

On the flip side we have the employees who's lives are being ruined by these bosses. Sudekis, Charlie Day and Bateman. They get the less exciting roles. But what they do have is a great chemistry with each other. Watching them on screen together makes you think they're friends.

The key plot point is stretched thin and wisely moves fast enough so you can't sit still long enough to realize just how ridiculous it is. Good, not great.

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