Thursday, January 13, 2011

True Grit

True Grit is a book. It's also a movie with John Wayne. Think the Coen Bros can do better? You'd be right. Much has been said about this remake (of book or movie, your choice). But some people say that years from now that Jeff Bridges might be considered the one true "Rooster Cogburn". Similar notions were had about Heath Ledger playing the Joker. I would agree in both cases.

After taking on Cormac McCarthy's hauntingly wonderful "No Country For Old Men" you may think this movie continues a path of brutal violence. You'd be wrong. This movie is PG-13 and rated appropriately. It is an old fashion western with some wild west violence. But it is also really funny. This is one of the best blending of materials the Coens have ever created. It has their knack for weird characters and moments but also has their penchance for realistic violence (no Willem scream used here).

This was one of my favorites from last year. I'm not necessarily saying the best, but one I enjoyed from beginning to end.

Did you enjoy it?

Would you see it in theaters again?

Would you buy it?

Would you rent it?

Would you watch it if you saw it was on TV?


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