Friday, June 18, 2010

June Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Ten

30 for 30 ran an episode on Wednesday called "June 17, 1994" which depicts all the stuff that happened over the course of those days.
  • Rangers won Stanley Cup
  • Arnold Palmer mixed Lemonade and Iced Tea (and stopped golfing professionally unless you count the Senior tour...?)
  • Knicks were in the NBA Finals (which reminded me of my hatred for John Starks)
  • The World Cup was happening in Chicago
  • O.J. Simpson went for a cruise in a White Ford Bronco
I do remember that day for the last reason. This was about the time when every day I was playing NBA Jams: Tournament Addition with my friends Cody and Brian. We had planned to go to the New Lyric Theatre to see a movie at 9pm. But then we found a live news report of O.J. on the run. It was truly capivating television. It was fantastic how long that chase went on. It was just a car driving on the highway, but we couldn't take our eyes off it. But that's not the point of this article.

Now June 17th, 2010 will go down as a super awesome day, too.

  • Softball team trounces Denim Starship 25-5
  • Saw the great Aziz Ansari do standup at the Vic Theatre
  • Had late night double cheeseburger at Clark Dog (who, btw, got new menu boards)

Nuff Said.


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