Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "Modern Family" Challenge

Alright, enough already. Everyone I know loves "Modern Family". I do not. But I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Last time it was because no one would shut up about "The Wire" which is super awesome. So I'm willing to take that chance.

When "Modern Family" gets all their episodes streaming or the 1st season DVD is released, I will watch them all in sequence. Then I will make my ruling. There will be no appeal. This is the Supreme Court.

And to be fair, I also watched Parks and Recreation then tossed it aside casually. But I'm glad I gave it a second chance, because it is really great.

But on the other hand, its not like I haven't seen it before. I had my DVR set. I watched the first couple. I've seen a few. I watched it last night. Here's my problem, it's like "Meet the Parents". These people get into predicaments. And they're outlandish. But I will save that for the post show post.

Until then, BACK OFF!


Mark E. said...

OK, relax. Modern Family is not great, it's very good. There are some bad parts, like Manny, that kid just sucks, but for the most part I like all the characters. The fat gay guy and the dorky dad are the best parts of the show. If Arrested Devlpmt is a 10, this show is a 6-7, but considering most shows would fall into the 2-3 range, Modern Family stands out as a good one to watch.

Mitch said...

i watched the first few episodes of this new season and it was super!

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