Friday, May 29, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine, a work in progress

All the hullabaloo behind the leak of workprint version of the movie did nothing to keep it from getting to number one at the box office. I'm glad it didn't because I wouldn't want to blame the internet. But I wish it had because what a terrible movie. 

Now I did see this in theatres, but being a fan of the whole movie process I did want to see the work print. I like seeing animatics, shots that haven't been movie magic'd yet. It was interesting to see what came from Fox with regards to the print. They said the print was before reshoots and the final version would have like 20 minutes of new stuff. When the movie finally came out it was immediately put to rest that the workprint was the same as the theatrical version. 

As for the product. I would act surprised that a series could go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows so quickly. But to be fair what do you expect. Jaws II to Jaws: the Revenge (#4). Spider-man II to Spider-man III. X-Men the Last Stand had already paved the way for what a terrible film this would be. Because the movie sets up that Logan has been alive for a long time, you can't really tell what the date is for the majority of the main film. In theory it should be the 70's - 80's but you can just assume its present day. 

I feel I've wasted enough breath on this thing. Summer has started and this movie's time has passed. Let's get to the Q&A section:

Did you enjoy it?

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